5 Countries Where Cannabis Use is Legal


Marijuana prohibition varies around the world. There are countries that have decriminalized possession and personal use for up to certain amounts. Others have legalized its use for medical purposes the most recent of which is Germany that will start implementing the law by 2017. There are also countries that have legalized recreational and medical use of cannabis. Here are the places in the world where it’s legal to smoke weed.

1. Colombia

In Colombia, personal use of marijuana is legal for up to 22 grams. And there is no limit set for medical use. Cultivating marijuana for personal consumption is also legal as long as it does not exceed the mandated limit of 20 plants. There is no cultivation limit for medical purposes.

2. Netherlands

The Netherlands has long been known for its tolerance to marijuana use. It is legal to carry up to 5 grams of marijuana and recreational use in public has been decriminalized if you are over 18 years old. Over a hundred coffeeshops in Amsterdam sell marijuana where it is legal to smoke them. However, smoking pot in public areas other than the designated coffeeshops is prohibited.

3. Peru

Peru is fairly tolerant with cannabis use provided you stay within legal limits. Recreational use is legal for up to 8 grams and is mostly tolerated among locals. For tourists, caution must be observed given stricter rules that may be implemented.

4. Spain

Spain is another European country where private use is legal. Cannabis clubs can be found in cities like Barcelona and Valencia. These establishments are like the coffee shops of Amsterdam where it is legal to purchase and use weed. The said clubs can also grown marijuana which they can sell to patrons or members. There are now over 500 cannabis clubs across Spain according to estimates.

5. Uruguay

It is legal to use marijuana for citizens of Uruguay who are of legal age, which is over 18 years old. But it is not indicated how much would be the legal limit for recreational use.


Top Reasons Why Marijuana Should be Legalized


Marijuana prohibition is built around certain premises that many pro-legalization advocates are trying to refute. Those who believe that cannabis use should remain illegal cite harmful effects and the risks of addiction among many other reasons. On the other side of the spectrum are people who call for marijuana to be legalized. And here are some of the common arguments they use.

Prohibition doesn’t serve its purpose

Those who support calls to legalize marijuana posit that there are no strong and definitive proofs that prohibition minimizes its use. Some of the studies conducted on the subject even suggest that making marijuana use illegal may actually increase its usage. This is attributed to the forbidden fruit effect. Many support the idea that as long as weed is illegal, many who secretly use it are more at risk because of lack of knowledge on its proper use.

Legalizing marijuana doesn’t automatically increase drug use

Another argument from those who oppose the calls to legalize cannabis is the potential risk of addiction and more drug use. They believe that smoking pot could be the starting point towards using other types of illegal drugs. But studies appear to refute the said argument. In fact, The Netherlands which is known hasn’t seen any surge in drug use since it decriminalized possession and use of weed up to certain legal limits.

Legalization does not pave the way for abuse

A report by media professional and neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta indicates that dependence rate among adult users is much lower in marijuana compared with other drugs like cocaine and heroin. According to the said report, roughly 10% of adults who use marijuana develop dependence to the drug. This is lower than the 20% and 25% attributed to cocaine and heroin respectively. In fact, the report shows that tobacco is more addicting than the drugs mentioned.

Marijuana has medical benefits

Germany has recently joined the ranks of countries that legalized marijuana for medical purposes. The law is set to be implemented by 2017. Studies indicate that medical use of marijuana has many beneficial effects. It is said to relieve nausea which can be a boon to cancer patients suffering from certain treatments’ side effects. Marijuana can also help in alleviating pain.

Your Short Guide to Plasma Cutting

The Upsides of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is one of the best procedures in the industry. It’s considered the jack of all trades because it can cut most metals whether it’s thin or as thick as 150mm. Plasma cutting can create angular and curved metal pieces with ease. Heck, you can even cut painted or rusted metals with this process!

Using one of the top plasma cutters for the money, you can cut quieter and quicker compared to oxy-fuel methods. Aside from its unparalleled speed and accuracy, plasma cutting also allows workers to be more productive and to achieve a high-class finish.

Plasma cutting is also ideal for tasks that need attention to the heat effect. In fact, it can be used underwater. Because of this, plasma cutting is best for cutting sturdy construction steel with low heat input. It’s also the process to choose when working with copper, aluminum, stainless steel brass, and other conductive metals.

plasma cutting

The Uses

Just as cannabis can be used to treat conditions like epilepsy and help prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. aside from the recreational benefits it has, plasma cutters have more use attached to them.

Recycling Metal

A plasma cutter can cut pieces of scrap metal that are melted, reformed, and reused in various industries. Note that junkyards are slowly being phased out to save more space so you can ditch scrap metal there anymore.

Fabricating Metal

Hypertherm-088079-Powermax30-XPAside from recycling metal, plasma cutters are also used to fabricate metal on the road as the tech used to make these devices can be portable. This means workers can now perform repairs while in the field. This will save companies a lot of money and time.

Industrial Manufacturing

In manufacturing, mostly in air conditioning and heating industries, plasma cutters are controlled by a computer to make the same cuts on metals. This saves a lot of time as well since plasma cutters work fast with precision.


Plumbers can also benefit from a plasma cutter especially if they have to work on large tasks that require them to cut pipes in an instant. Standard cutters can’t cut tubes on the spot because they only waste time and resources. And a regular torch can cut but will cause the pipe ends to warp. This is where a plasma cutter comes in. With it, a plumber can cut pipes so that the pieces can fit together flawlessly. If you want to make a quick cut that creates smooth edges, opt for a plasma cutter.

Metal Art

plasma cut table

Lastly, plasma cutters are also used by artists who are innovative and passionate to reach new heights in the world of art. Artists can use plasma cutters to create small cuts or openings, making them ideal to be used when designing complicated patterns and designs. Metal stencils can also be produced with a plasma cutter on an artist’s hands.

More about plasma cutters

Why Consider Having Marijuana In A Pool


Ever asked someone why, despite its many benefits when used in moderation, marijuana – a.k.a. cannabis – is still negatively accepted in most parts of the world?

That someone would just answer “…because it’s a drug,” right?

And therein lies our problem – what most of us are truly guilty of still having nowadays, despite us having unlimited resources from just about everywhere in this world: misunderstanding due to lack of knowledge about the subject.

You see, marijuana is not just a drug all by itself. It’s a kind of herb that, just like any other herbs out there, offers health benefits and is turned into a drug to maximize its functions. These functions include improving one’s resistance to critical diseases that might completely affect other motor functions if left untreated, as well as improving one’s resistance to crucial distractions that might completely affect other cognitive functions of left untreated.

But of course, just like any other drugs out there, having more than the recommended dose for it might cause complications far worse than the kind of condition you’re currently suffering from. And that’s exactly the reason why you should consider having marijuana in a pool (a PoolJudge-approved one) – especially if you’re on legalized marijuana – as it could help minimize any other side effects due to a pool’s own take on relaxation from the outside right up to the inside of your body, along with the warm sun shining down vitamins on your body.

You also see, marijuana is not just an herb all by itself. It’s a kind of ingredient that, just like any other ingredients out there, offers health benefits and is turned into an herb to maximize its features. These features include boosting one’s energy to not get tired that easily when doing what you needed to do for the day, as well as boosting one’s immunity to not get pained that easily when doing what you wanted to do for the day.

And of course, just like any other herbs out there, having more than the recommended amount for it might cause symptoms far worse than the kind of signs you’re currently suffering from. But that’s exactly the reason why you should consider having marijuana in a pool – especially if you’re on legalized marijuana – as it could help minimize any other side effects due to a pool’s own take on rejuvenation from the inside right up to the outside of your mind, along with the cool air blowing up minerals on your mind.

Of Soft Drugs, Tolerant Drug Policy, and Renewable Energy

The Netherlands is not only known for its tolerant drug policy. It is also renowned for its cannabis coffee shop culture. And yet contrary to what some people mistakenly think cannabis is illegal under the country’s laws. But it follows a model that provides a little leeway for personal use. The country takes a more tolerant approach to soft drugs and the selling of cannabis in coffee shops provided they adhere to the regulations and conditions set by the government.

Many advocates of the decriminalization of cannabis look to the Dutch model as an example of the advantages of adopting a more tolerant approach to policy-making when it comes to prohibited drugs. The Netherlands takes a hard stance against illegal drugs, but they tolerate it up to a point by setting strict criteria and conditions that everyone should adhere to. Just because there are several coffee shops selling cannabis in the country does not make the act legal. Rather, the government does not prosecute this particular offense provided the coffee shops follow the guidelines and conditions that have been set.

But beyond the Netherlands’ strategy in regulating cannabis use are its many fascinating programs and initiatives that make them global leaders in areas like renewable energy. Hiking in the Netherlands or taking a train trip across the country provides an interesting glimpse and insight into the green technology and innovations it is working on. From Dutch road designs that aim to be more energy efficient to electric trains a hundred percent powered by wind energy, the country serves as a role model not just for its tolerance on soft drugs but also for its work on exploring more sustainable ways to power its needs.

Obvious Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Have you seen the movie, “Reefer Madness”?

Not yet? If you’ll watch it now, I’m telling you. Don’t be surprised with the over acting.

Harold and Kumar also had a share of funny moments. Watch the part when the kid blows up his head because he had a hit of a joint. Funny as hell!

So, with all these media attention, do you ever wonder why Marijuana is still considered as a controlled drug in many countries?

Here are some obvious reasons why I think Marijuana should be legalized.

Look At Amsterdam

Just look at the Weed Capital of the World. Do the residents kill each other each and every day? I don’t think so!

If America’s law enforcement is better than the Netherlands, there’s nothing to worry about!

The Health Benefits

There are studies that shows, Marijuana can cure diseases.

I think that’s actually true. Because of its hallucinogenic properties, you can treat brain diseases. Even Glaucoma can be relieved by Marijuana.

Menstrual cramps, cancer, cataracts and other sorts of diseases can be relieved by this wonderful plant.

The Stars Use It

If they are really trying to prevent Marijuana use, they should prevent the showing of these movies with Marijuana. Pineapple Express?

C’mon. They show heaps of weed there. They even smoke it. How in the world did that happened.

It’s The Least Addicting Drug

Yes. Marijuana is the LEAST addictive drug.

Heroin is on the top of the pyramid. Then tobacco. If tobacco is legal, why not make Marijuana legal too? There are millions of people dying with smoking related deaths. 0 in Marijuana overdose. Logic. Mindfuck.


So, do you agree with these points? Let’s go to Amsterdam and Michaelangelo’s bakery to score some space cakes! Be careful in driving though.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

Things to Know if You Want to Smoke Weed in Amsterdam

The Netherlands may be tolerant towards smoking weed. But it still maintains strict rules on what’s legal and illegal when it comes to using marijuana in the country. If you are visiting Amsterdam, here are some of the things worth knowing if you’re thinking of giving cannabis a try:

Look for coffeeshops

Coffeeshops are not to be confused with the regular coffee shops or coffee houses strewn around Amsterdam. The former are establishments where it is legal to buy and smoke weed. There are many of them around Amsterdam so finding one shouldn’t be a problem. But don’t look for any obvious signs or advertisements indicating that the place is selling pot. It is illegal for coffeeshops to advertise selling of marijuana.

Pick a coffeeshop that best suits you

Amsterdam has over a hundred coffeeshops. Finding the right place for you can be overwhelming given the wide array of choices. To make choosing easier, you can check for some recommendations online. Explore coffeeshops away from main tourist hubs if you want a more relaxing and less crowded ambiance. 1e Hulp Coffeeshop, Abraxas, Barney’s, and Katsu are just a few of the places where you can legally purchase and smoke a pot while in the area.

Get inside and buy what you need

You can buy and smoke pot with ease in any coffeeshop. As long as you’re of legal age, you can pretty much get the weed as long as you’re inside the establishment. While many establishments don’t check guests’ identification, make sure that you carry a valid ID with you just in case they ask for it. You can smoke up to 5 grams of marijuana. It is illegal to use more than that.

Price and quality varies

Price and quality of marijuana sold in coffeeshops vary. Avoid the more touristy spots if you’re looking for quality weed at more affordable prices. Take the less beaten paths to coffeeshops in quiet streets or anywhere that there is not much tourist traffic.

Don’t smoke in public

Don’t buy and smoke weed outside coffeeshops. Smoking pot is illegal in public places in the country. Avoid any dealers on the street who may try talk to you into buying weed from them. If you want to experience smoking pot while in Amsterdam, make sure that you do it only in legitimate establishments like coffeeshops.