Your Short Guide to Plasma Cutting

The Upsides of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is one of the best procedures in the industry. It’s considered the jack of all trades because it can cut most metals whether it’s thin or as thick as 150mm. Plasma cutting can create angular and curved metal pieces with ease. Heck, you can even cut painted or rusted metals with this process!

Using one of the top plasma cutters for the money, you can cut quieter and quicker compared to oxy-fuel methods. Aside from its unparalleled speed and accuracy, plasma cutting also allows workers to be more productive and to achieve a high-class finish.

Plasma cutting is also ideal for tasks that need attention to the heat effect. In fact, it can be used underwater. Because of this, plasma cutting is best for cutting sturdy construction steel with low heat input. It’s also the process to choose when working with copper, aluminum, stainless steel brass, and other conductive metals.

plasma cutting

The Uses

Just as cannabis can be used to treat conditions like epilepsy and help prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. aside from the recreational benefits it has, plasma cutters have more use attached to them.

Recycling Metal

A plasma cutter can cut pieces of scrap metal that are melted, reformed, and reused in various industries. Note that junkyards are slowly being phased out to save more space so you can ditch scrap metal there anymore.

Fabricating Metal

Hypertherm-088079-Powermax30-XPAside from recycling metal, plasma cutters are also used to fabricate metal on the road as the tech used to make these devices can be portable. This means workers can now perform repairs while in the field. This will save companies a lot of money and time.

Industrial Manufacturing

In manufacturing, mostly in air conditioning and heating industries, plasma cutters are controlled by a computer to make the same cuts on metals. This saves a lot of time as well since plasma cutters work fast with precision.


Plumbers can also benefit from a plasma cutter especially if they have to work on large tasks that require them to cut pipes in an instant. Standard cutters can’t cut tubes on the spot because they only waste time and resources. And a regular torch can cut but will cause the pipe ends to warp. This is where a plasma cutter comes in. With it, a plumber can cut pipes so that the pieces can fit together flawlessly. If you want to make a quick cut that creates smooth edges, opt for a plasma cutter.

Metal Art

plasma cut table

Lastly, plasma cutters are also used by artists who are innovative and passionate to reach new heights in the world of art. Artists can use plasma cutters to create small cuts or openings, making them ideal to be used when designing complicated patterns and designs. Metal stencils can also be produced with a plasma cutter on an artist’s hands.

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