Archery: a Smashing Success in the Paralympics


Apparently, archery is a real boom when it comes to popularity.  Its smashing success is well celebrated in all human undertakings. The movies and TV shows have featured archery. The music industry has embedded the bow and arrows in its symphony. Budding archers, beginners, and veterans have been touched by the sublime through the spirit of the sport.

The lofty ideals of archery have inspired the imperfections of many people. Your choice of the bow will exalt your archery goals. The best recurve bow will enliven your shooting skills.

My thoughts wander as to how archery caught the shooting interests of people. Its followers and competitors are impressive in number.The sport has come a long way both in the Olympics and the Paralympics.

The Inspiring Para-Archery

Every Summer Paralympic Games has been an excitement of amazing people with disability since its debut in 1960. The tournament features individual and team events both for men and women. Everybody is really given the chance to exhibit his shooting skills for the fulfilment of his archery goals. The budding archers are distinctly classified on the basis of their disability. Their individualities are highly respected. Hence, these archers gain confidence over the bow and arrow.

Archers are categorized into three functional classes using the sport’s classification system. Each class is with equal opportunities and are divided accordingly. The Standing Class or ST1 are for archers with some degree of loss of muscle strength and joint mobility in their legs. This group includes athletes with cerebral palsy, classified as Les Autres and amputees.


On the other hand, the W1 class competes in a wheelchair. These competitors have tetraplegia or people with spinal injury above the first thoracic vertebra. These archers have a limited movement and control in their arms and legs.

Meanwhile, the third class is W2 or the group for archers with paraplegia or archers with spinal injury below the first thoracic spinal levels.  These archers can fully move their arms but have less mobility in the lower limbs. They use a wheelchair every day for their mobility.

Paralympics-Showcases Great Optimism

The archers in the Paralympics are living proof that the shooting range is for everybody.  These inspiring archers may use their hands, mouth or feet. It is a strong manifestation that there is no limit to the shooting of arrows.  It’s a great fascination that the challenge to hit bull’s eye is for everybody.

In closing, the archery in the 2016 Summer Paralympics  was participated in by high-spirited people. Archery helps them a lot to gain confidence and to show to the world what they can do. By that, archery is really a smashing success as a competitive sport.